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Crescent Moon Traditions, LLC - Traditional Healing Arts for a modern world. 

I am a Shamanic practitioner and Traditional Curandero Healer. My work is dedicated to helping people heal their spirit, reclaim their divinity, and rekindle their divine light. I offer these beautiful, elegant and effective healing methods as a resource for healing in our modern, hectic, stress filled world. Please contact me about my Shamanic, Spiritual and Energetic Healing Programs and see if this is your time for self-care and healing.


I invite you to renew your spirit and your soul. We all deal with our lives in different ways. Some of us are well practiced at wearing our masks and putting up barriers to get along and fit in with work, family, friends - all to the detriment of our inner peace.

Shamanic, Spiritual and Energetic Healing methods are traditional ways to care for your spiritual well being. Contact me to talk about your path to spiritual healing.

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With Love & Light - Anthony

The goal is to provide you with a pathway to transform your life, rejuvenate your spirit and honor your divinity. 

One on One Shamanic Healing working with our guardian and helping spirits.

I offer a 3 session Shamanic Spiritual and Energetic Healing program that includes shamanic healing tailored to your unique situation. The Shamanic Spiritual and Energetic Healing program is a highly effective way to deepen your relationship to yourself and to your spirit. Contact me to discuss your healing program and get started today. Click the link below:

Shaman, shamanic healing

Traditional Curanderismo - from traditions and teachings of the southwest U.S. and Mexico.

I have studied extensively in Mexico and the United States with curanderos/as to keep this knowledge alive and accessible in our modern world.


Limpias/Spiritual or Energetic Cleansing

Limpia de Rosas - beautiful and elegant ceremony for personal healing

Spiritual Oil & Anointing Blends 

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