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Galveston, TX USA

Spiritual Aromatherapy - Healing with Essential Oils

Chakra Balancing for Personal Well Being

Look for Upcoming Schedule for August and September 2018!


Tuition - $85.00

Location - Galveston, Texas

Join us for a workshop exploring the benefits of essential oils for personal and spiritual healing. Participants will learn about the Chakras and how to bring balance using essential oils, divination and meditation for personal healing.

In the workshop, we will learn about the Chakra energy system, with emphasis on how to use meditation, divination and essential oils to balance the Chakras. Each participant will make their own unique blends of spiritual essential oils for personal use.

Tuition paid with PayPal. Your $85.00 tuition includes the class, essential oils, and written materials.

Go to link PayPal.Me/ARiosGalveston

Worskhop is great for people new to aromatherapy, for advanced students and for people who are looking to expand their knowledge of Integrative Healing methods.

Workshop location sent to your email on receipt of payment.

Please email your questions to the following link: Anthony 

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